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Thank you for taking time to read our about us page, my name is Nigel J Pearcey and along with my partner Elizabeth we  created our online shop  after I became  blind in 2013,and my business acted  as a learning project  to help me become an independent person and give me the ability to go it alone.

What happened?


I had a mild bleed into the back of one of my eye’s and had appointments at my local hospital to get this rectified, but there were delays in the appointments and was told to return for another look at the problem after 5 or 6 weeks, but unfortunately during this time I awoke one morning completely blind and went to hospital on emergency.

After some operations and various referrals, I was told that blood vessels in the back of both my eye’s had burst and damaged both of my retinae and I would never see again.

As you can imagine I was devastated and realised that I could never drive my car, watch tv read books and indeed a whole mass of things I could no longer do and not least was go to work.

Whilst I was pondering on what I was going to do and how I was going to deal with all of this both mentally and physically I was put in touch with an organisation called UK Blind Veterans Association who subsequently took me away to one of their buildings in the UK, they did this firstly because I was formerly a member of the UK forces and secondly because I was now blind and potentially helpless and needed rehabilitation.

To cut a long story short they got me to focus on the positive and taught me to touch type, and gave me skills to deal with everyday life as a blind person, I go out walking to get fresh air but I cannot run to keep fit so I have a tread mill for me to work out daily, I have talking software on my computer so that I can listen to mail, I have an e reader that reads printed matter to me and software to listen to books.

When I arrived home again I was ready to face the world again and I began writing a book, then I turned to online a taught myself to work with website software and created an advertising search engine and that is when Ornamental World started, I now have a traffic exchange system and an advertising manager system.

Now I have started this store because I need to be able to support myself and not rely on charity in the first instance secondly, I hope to gain sufficient to raise funding for the charities that have supported me in my hour of need.

Some say that I am brave to take on so much and admire what I am achieving without eyesight but I find it a great release to be able to do something positive every day, and I love writing in this manner although I probably bore some people to death , being blind is not the end of the world, it is the beginning of a whole new world and exciting as we go through life finding more new ways to deal with things, even the little things like brushing my teeth, this is something you would never even think about but I cannot squeeze tooth paste on to my brush because it ends up on the floor, so instead I squeeze it onto my teeth first and then brush my teeth  , simple really and that is now the logic that I apply to everything.

I thank each and every person for taking a little time to read this page and find out more about 2wowu and myself, also how this store is evolved and hopefully how it will continue to evolve.

When I began this scenario of interacting online with a search engine and traffic exchange it was daunting but exciting, the software was not quite so complicated as this one is but it is all a learning curve that I never want to end.

One of the problems I faced is that I exhausted all avenues in governments to get help to get back to work but none were forth coming, and not only this but having borrowed many thousands of pounds from credit cards and other avenues and I was informed that starting a business would negate my disability benefit, so after taking legal advice I turned my business into a limited company which now means that I can concentrate on building the business to get it into a profitable position before it pays me anything.

It is of no wonder to me that our government fails to get people into work and support themselves like I am fighting tooth and nail to do, if only they would listen and help genuine people into work it would save many thousands of pounds of governments money.


I am eternally grateful to all of the people that have helped me and continue to do so as I move forwards and one of my goals is to write a book about my experience of developing a new way of life  and how I have gone about it, and how I have managed to communicate with others to get help where it is needed, I intend that the book should be free to all who suffer a disablement in some way or other and hopefully it will give them the drive to do the same as me.


Now you know all about me and how this store background and I hope that you will continue to return and support me and the people that help me to grow, I will be placing links and banner to the people that work with me and the charities that have supported me in my hour of need.

There are so many parts to all of this and the groups that support people like me, from companies like Dolphin software who develop the computer software for the visually impaired, to PHP web scripts who supplied the software for me to create my search engine and Zencart who have and continue to develop the software for this shopping cart , I give my heart felt thank you to all of these people without who’s help I could not be doing this right now.

MY THANKS TO PEOPLE WHO HAVE SUPPORTED ME AND CONTINUE TO DO SO who provided software for my search engine and traffic exchange


ZENCART who have provided software and support for this shopping website

UK BLIND VETERANS ASSOCIATION who took me in and taught me to deal with life again as a blind


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